Button Networks LTD is a private company . BTN was founded in 2014 with the purpose of designing and developing integrated software solutions , depending on the requirements of each customer .

BTN is a subsidiary and in close collaboration with the company Betpractice. Betpractice is a privately owned company providing statistical research and football modelling services to customers, including professional punters and traders. Betpractice founded in 2011. It's a growing company and it work in an exciting and fast paced industry of which we are seeking to provide our customers with a leading edge statistical tools regarding football modelling and betting.

BTN, has proceeded in collaboration with Betfair, concerning the development of a brand new betting platform , using as a basis the exchange of Betfair. The agreement between the two companies was completed on 05.20.2014 .

The shareholders of BTN, located on site and betting exchange betfair mainly since 2004 , with knowledge , professionalism and innovative thinking , we created a new platform which uses the betfair's environment in a unique way. We are insert and improving a brand new logic and technique on betting. Trying to differentiate from existing betting tools and especially the process of trading in the exchange market, we invested & created a new technique called Score Grid.

This new technique is based on the exact score of each match and in combination with the ability of the user that he can select multiple different markets of the same match, is pioneering the way the betting exchange betfair.

The development of software made by the company betpractice. Betpractice team, is known in the field of betting through the various tools developed in recent years. The leadership , accountability and quality of services by BTN in cooperation with Betpractice, as well as ensuring the software portion of the BDP betfair, gives to the user the assurance of the products and tools offered by the BTN.

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