Software Overview

BetPractice Score Grid Platform contains three main parts which are:

BetPractice Score Grid Platform contains three main parts


This area contains all the available betting markets included in Betfair’s exchange market with reference to the selected football game. Click your mouse on a selected market price to enter a bet into the BetSlip Area.

market price bet into the ScoreGrid BetSlip Area


The betslip enables you to gather multiples different bets included in the selected football game. Enter your stake in each single bet and the potential net money profit/loss will be converted for every possible full time score at Score Grid Area.

Disable the “Auto” choice in a single bet so as to modify the betting odd. When you are ready with your choices, press the button “place”, to place your order.

place your bet in betfair exchange through ScoreGrid betting application 

ScorGrid Interface

Score grid composed of 36 cells. Each cell represents a particular full time (FT) score.

Each Score contains available colour coded information for the net profit / loss of your stake, if the game ended with this particular score.

  • The first number of information located above represents the net profit / loss of the already matched bets.
  • The second number located below represents the potential converted net profit / loss if the new bets from BetSlip area is going to be placed. 

Betfair Software for Football Betting Exchange Markets

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