Starting with your First Bet

Login with your Betfair Username & Password

When you start up Betpractice Score Grid and log in with your Betfair account, you see the main software desktop

Betfair Login with Betpractice Score Grid Betting application

At the top of the interface there is a menu bar where there is a choice “Select match”. This choice opens a game selection “menu tree”.

menu tree of Score Grid live betting application

You can scroll up or down this list to select the Country you are interest in. To open a particular game click the “+” on the side of the Country and this will open all available leagues and finally the scheduled dates of games. To start betting on a game, you are interested in, click on the game.

live betting on a game in betfair exchange

Select a market to bet

By selecting the game from “Tree menu”, all the available betting markets have been loaded in the software Platform.

Click to open the market you are interested on.

open betfair market using betpractice scoregrid software


Click on the price Back or Lay and your bet is going to be set into the BetSlip Area.

Back or Lay bet with betfair software Score Grid Platform


Add your stake (the money you want to bet) and you will see at the score grid the potential net profit or loss of your bet for every possible full time score of the game. As an example, if you place your current order (back Newcastle at 2.78 2.00€) you will see on the score grid that if the game ended with score 1-0 you will win 3.56 H, but if the game ended with score 0-1 you lose win 2.00€. 

Bet exact score in Betfair exchange with Score Grid Platform

You can modify the betting odd of your order by deactivating the Auto choice “ ”.

modify the betting odd in betfair exchange with score grid platform

Activate the Auto choice again to return to betfair odd and Press the button “place” to place your bet to the exhange. A confirmation notice will prevent Score Grid from placing any order until you press “ok”. You can deactivate confirmation notice from the settings at the lower part of the BetSlip area. At any time you can remove your market from Betslip by pressing “x”.

remove your market from betfair's Betslip with betting software

Your betting order has been placed in the exhange market and has already been matched. On the score grid you will see the matched net profit / loss of your single bet.

net profit - loss of your single bet in score grid platform

At the top right location of the score grid there is a “Matched Bets” icon that informes the user for the number of the already matched bets of the particular match. Click on that icon to get the matched bets area, where you can show all your matched bets with reference to the selected game.

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