Minimum Price

Search the minimum odds price of a selected score bet, so as not to lose.

Initial case : One or more placed bets

System : Minimum Price


Let’s assume I have placed two different bets as:

Over 1.5 with stake 100€

Score (0-0) with stake 11.111€

You lose nothing at score (0-0) and 22.89€ at all rest scores except score (1-0) and (0-1).



Let’s say the game is in-play and the score is (1-0) against my betting plan.

I want to find the minimum price for score (1-0) not to lose money.

Insert how much you lose at score (1-0) (111.11€)

Insert the profit you have at the rest scores (22.89€)


If the score (1-0) has an odds price 5.85 you don’t lose at this score and at all rest scores.

I insert odds price 5.9 (5.85 is not available in betfair exchange) with a stake 22.89€ and I don’t lose money.


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